Woodhenge fest 2018 June 15-17th

Woodhenge is excited to announce our second annual Music, Art, and Sustainability Festival. Our festival is a celebration dedicated to exploring the depths of creative expression and nurturing a growing community of artists, dancers, yogis, activists, and lovers to inspire each other in their creative pursuits and sustainable action. Woodhenge Festival will feature a diverse gathering of talented bands, artists, performers, educators and more. We invite you to come and celebrate with us, deepen your connection to nature, your understanding of its systems, and how we interact with them.

Woodhenge Festival will showcase live music with a diverse lineup of Jam, Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Bluegrass, Funk, and Electronic artists. Alongside musical performances will be Live Art, Yoga, Food and Craft Vendors, Workshops and more. Workshops will focus on various aspects of sustainability with a hands-on approach and teach participants how everyone can reduce their environmental impact.

Woodhenge is a solar and wind powered off-the-grid intentional community that practices upcycling and alternative building techniques. The Community raises ducks and honey bees and grows most of their own fruit and vegetables in a beautiful orchard and garden. The environment is hand crafted to induce profound experiences and feelings of connection with nature and the community. The Woodhenge has hosted many celebrations and gatherings over the years, the most notable being 2016’s Summer Solstice Campout, 2017's first Woodhenge festival and our annual Halloween Costume Fiesta! 

Woodhenge is located at 14910 Fuller Rd, Adams Center New York 13606