Not allowed

Glass containers of any kind, Weapons, Knives, Fireworks, Illegal substances, Charcoal grills (small propane grills with small propane tanks are OK) Gasoline, Campfires. Pets.

Do not litter! The Woodhenge is a special place and we want to keep it beautiful and trash free. Anyone who is being generally disrespectful or is caught damaging the property will be ejected without refund. Cars and coolers may be searched upon arrival to the festival grounds. Use common sense. If it seems like a bad idea then DON’T DO IT.



Tents, Chairs, Blankets, Umbrellas, Cans, Plastic Bottles, Coolers, Wagons, Totems, Flags. Limit 2 bulk alcohol items per attendee (I.E. one case of beer & one bottle of liquor)  



Camping is included in the ticket price and highly encouraged! Leaving the festival by car will be monitored to ensure everyone's safety. If you're planning on driving home please be smart. Feel Free to set up camp in the festival's main field, the orchard (you can have an apple or pear or some of our berries with your breakfast but be kind to our trees!) or in the forest. Bring your own food and drinks, there will be food vendors and water on site but its good to have your own supply as well. If you carried it in carry it out, let's keep the grounds beautiful so we can do this again next year!